A Message from the Munster Branch :- Verbal abuse of players needs to stop!!!

Updated: January 27, 2015

“Throughout the province there have been increasing reports of verbal abuse and threatening behavior at all levels of the game.

The abuse is verbal and predominately directed at referees. There have been increasing reports of instances of verbal abuse of players by opposition coaches and spectators. Some instances have been very threatening and unsavory.

This form of behavior is not warranted in our game and has no place. We must remember that adult behavior is mimicked by the children and young men who play our game. We the coaches, managers, spectators and mentors must provide a positive role model for the players of all ages.

All clubs are responsible for the conduct of their coaches, players and spectators. You are requested to make it clear to your coaches, players, spectators and club mentors that the verbal abuse of referees, opposition players, coaches and spectators is not acceptable. Your help and co-operation is requested to reduce and stop such unwarranted behaviour”

Thought Of The Week
“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties”

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