Minis & Youths


Newcastle West Junior Rugby welcomes new members of all abilities and levels of fitness at anytime throughout the season. Our aim at Newcastle West Junior Rugby is to develop each team member’s skills, fitness and confidence in a safe and fun environment!!!!! At Youth level, Newcastle West RFC fields teams at U18, U17, U16,U15, U14 and U13 levels. For the younger children, Mini Rugby attracts considerable numbers at Sunday morning training, ranging in ages from 6 to 12 years of age. If you are interested in joining or would like more information. Please contact any of our coaches listed here or come along to the relevant training sessions. Membership forms are available at the clubhouse or alternatively can be downloaded here. In addition a parental consent form is available to download here.

If you have any questions or would like to register please contact one of the following coaches:
Training Details
Coaching Contacts
Under 20Tue and Fri nights 7:30 pm to 9:00 pmGer Earls & Aidan O'Hallornan
Under 18Wed and Fri nights 7:30 pm to 9:00 pmEoin Cahill 085 1651763 -
Vincent O'Doherty 087 249 4447 -
Tom Fox 087 86604 2646
Under 17Wed and Fri nights 7:30 pm to 9:00 pmEoin Cahill 085 1651763 -
Tom Fox 087 86604 2646 -
Vincent O'Doherty 087 249 4447
Under 16Thurs night 7:00pmRob Grimes 087 6470162 - John Hennessy 087 752 8049 - Niall McGrath 087 2593026
Under 15Tue & Thurs night 7:30Darren Normoyle 087 9806419
Under 14Tue & Thurs night 7:00Paudie Magner 087 0681139
Under 13Wed and Fri nights 6:30 pm to 7:30 pmPaul Torley 087 7946149 - Steve Mullingar 087 7854734
Under 11Sunday morning 10:30Mark Dowling 087 8320804 -
Bernard O'Doherty +44 788 0031040
Under 10Sunday morning 10:30Tom McMahon 087 6422231 - Kevin Lyons 086 8134602
Under 9Sunday morning 10:30Barry Madden 087 2728740 - Declan O'Keeffe 087 6332808
Under 8Sunday morning 10:30Brian Devine 087 6629282 - John Liston 087 2643490
Under 6/7Sunday morning 10:30Richard Sheehy 086 7369567 - Liam Sheehy 087 7927309

Benefits of Rugby for Underage

Rugby is a sport for everyone: More than most other sports, rugby allows for all shapes and sizes to participate – the short and squat in the front row, tall and thin in the second row, small and zippy at scrum half and the speedster on the wing! Rugby is fun: Rugby allows boys to fully express themselves physically – in contact, running and agility – all the ways in which they would normally do in play. The thrill of the match and camaraderie of training makes rugby very enjoyable for kids. Rugby allows kids to manage their aggression: Rugby allows kids to challenge themselves physically and to channel the energy and aggression that may otherwise drive more dangerous pursuits. Together with the laws of the game, there is an inherent code of conduct within rugby that teaches kids restraint – the referee’s word, wrong or right, is not to be questioned. Foul play and retaliation are heavily sanctioned. Rugby teaches players how to work together unselfishly:While there is room in rugby for individual brilliance, most of what happens on the field depends on the mutual effort of the whole team. The different roles required on the field quickly teach players the value of teamwork and the need to support the ball-carrier means that players understand that interdependence is important to success. Playing sport is good: In addition to the well known benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, research has shown that kids who play sports actually do better in school and have enhanced social skills. Sports also help prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Children that participate in sports are less likely to start smoking and, if they do smoke, are more likely to quit. -

Why Play with Newcastle West RFC

Newcastle West RFC has invested heavily to promote rugby in the area. Our pitches are of an extremely high quality and we have extended the clubhouses and their associated facilities in both our Cullinagh and Killeline grounds. Our most recent development at Killeline includes a tea-room, where parents and supporters can take shelter from the elements and enjoy some light refreshments while watching training or matches. In recent seasons, we have also facilitated underage tours to other parts or the country and abroad. The benefits of our investments can be witnessed on Sunday mornings by the considerable numbers out training. The club’s success is also helping the players’ development, as is evidenced by the number of club players who have represented North Munster and Munster in recent seasons at underage level.