Newcastlewest RFC Host U16 Rugby Festival

Updated: August 30, 2015
U16 BLITZ 2005-08-22

Last Sunday, 23-August, at their home grounds, Newcastle West RFC hosted Bruff and Ennis Rugby Clubs in what proved to be a very entertaining day.

These three teams have become very familiar with each other in recent times and last season a combination of the squads contested both the North Munster League and Cup Finals.

Many of the players and mentors have got to know each other through their involvement with these games with all three having high representation in the North Munster Cadet camps, have developed further relationships.
The idea was to have non competitive, touch rugby with the three clubs being jumbled up focusing on the non contact skills of the game. This proved to be very successful. Almost 50 players togged out and 6 teams were created. At first a number of lads found it a little unusual wearing a jersey that may not have been native to them, however as is the spirit of rugby, it was not long before the new teams began to gel.

Throughout the series of matches, and as the weather turned for the better, the standard of rugby also increased with many notable individual and team performances. Scores of the highest standard were prevalent throughout only to be overshadowed by continuous laughter and high spirited teenagers giving it their all with their new team mates.

When all the rugby was complete, there was no mention of winners or losers; I don’t think anyone even remembered the scores. With the improved weather the BBQ that the hosts put on was appreciated by all players and supporters and was fit for kings. A big thank you to all the helped with this.
Zack Whelehan from Ennis was selected as player of the day.

The highlight of the day was the well know rogue Vinny Doherty’s surprise birthday cake presentation at the end, and in traditional rugby spirit his son, Charlie had the pleasure of getting this delightfully landed square in his face!!! Hard to believe the old lad was still playing on Sunday along with a couple of other coaches. It reflected the good fun feel of the day.

From both Ennis and Bruff RFC a big thank you to all the lads in Newcastlewest and we look forward to hard games in the season ahead but never to allow them be more important than the friendships that will go on far longer than any game or season.

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