Updated: November 30, 2014

Thurles 3 Newcastle West 2 XV (Elite Squad) 46

Thurles is the longest trip on the road for this team and is usually hard to get players to travel, but

the fifteen who made the journey last Saturday played with great heart and skill to return home with

a fantastic result .It was also a great day for newcomer Tom O Shaughnessy to earn his first cap.

It was a dream start when after three minutes the forwards gather the ball from a line out through

the forever young Brendan Burke, with Gary Hanley by his side they drove to the line and Sean Mc

Auliff burrowed over.Micheal O Leary added the conversion.Thurles got there only score in the game

when they got a penalty in the seventh minute and that was there lot for the day. Michael O Leary

got a penalty in the tenth minute. With the forwards laying the foundation through Paudie,Podge

and Gavin they drove a scrum creating go forward ball for the backs and Mikey Berkery got his first

try of the season in the fifteenth while on holidays from his base in eastern Europe.Michael O Leary


Aaron O Brien got our next try in the twenty-fifth minute with a move involving Podge, Gary, and

Rob and eventually driving him over scoring a typical forward orientated try, MOL again converted.

Mikey ,Shaun and Brian were being provided excellent quality ball from our two halves and it was

the strong penetrating running of the Berkery brothers allowed Michael O Leary to score his first of a

hat-trick of try’s which he again converted himself. The halftime score was 3-31 and the visitors were

cruising at the turnaround.

Some indecision early in the second half gave Thurles momentum but a quick word from Brendan

and a return to the game plan which saw the second half being run by Man of the Match Michael O

Leary who scored a penalty, two trys and a conversion in the second forty. The only blemish on

another wise perfect performance came in the 79th minute when he actually missed a shot at goal.

Well done to all who travelled and showed great respect for their manager Brendan Burke by giving

150% from the time we left home to the return.

Man of the match. Michael O Leary, closly followed by Gary Hanly, Sean McAuliffe Podge Roche

Scorers; Michael O Leary 3 trys, 2 penalties, 5 conversions. Aaron O Brien Try, Mikey Berkery Try,

Sean McAuliffe Try,

Team Gary Hanly,Rob Hayden, Gavin Whelan, Padraig Fogarty Capt. Tom O Shaughnessy, Brendan

Burke, Podge Roche, Aaron O Brien, Sean McAuliffe, Michael O Leary, Mikey Berkery, Shaun Berkery,

Brian McAuliffe, Mike Boyce, Alan Roche

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